Gary has been the Senior Legal Assistant to Harvey Cox for over ten years. He works tirelessly to help you protect your assets from anyone or anything that can separate you and your assets by any means. He is fond of saying, “We want you to ‘keep together' that which you have spent your life ‘putting together.'”

Gary brings significant business experience to the Asset Protection Planning process, successfully operating and selling two businesses. In addition, he is a licensed Insurance Agent and a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI).

Gary currently lives in the “old home place” where he grew up in Hubbard, Texas. He has one old truck, one old tractor, one wife (no “old” word here), and an old dog named JOJO, the family mascot until his death in 2017.

Gary is a Master Mason belonging to Springfield Lodge #74 in Mexia, Texas, since 1978. He and his wife belong to and attend church at Temple Baptist Church in Mexia. He has taught Sunday School there for the past 16 years and also serves as head usher.

Gary and his wife have two daughters, four grandchildren, and one great-grandson.