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Common Estate Planning Mistakes People Make & How You Can Avoid Them

15-Common-Estate-Planning-Mistakes-Cover-All-EditionsIn this book, you’ll learn the 15 common estate planning mistakes people make.  More importantly, you’ll learn how to avoid these mistakes.  The common estate planning mistakes covered in this book are:

  • Not Preparing an Estate Plan
  • Not Understanding How Your Assets Pass at Your Death
  • Planning Your Estate Around Specific Assets
  • Relying on Co-Ownership of Property to Avoid Probate
  • Adding Your Children to the Deed of Your House
  • Adding Your Children to Your Bank Accounts
  • Not Understanding the Tax Consequences of a Gift
  • Using Beneficiary Designations as Your Only Plan
  • Failing to Prepare an Estate Plan During a Divorce
  • And Much More!

The Truth About Estate Planning in Texas

Many people have the mistaken notion that estate planning is only for the wealthy.  That is not true. The question is not whether you need an estate plan but whether you own anything that you want to go to a specific person when you die.  If you do, you need an estate plan to carry out your wishes.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this book are:

  • How to Take a Realistic Look at Your Situation
  • The Importance of Determining Your Beneficiaries, especially When You Have Children from Multiple Relationships
  • How to Properly Provide for Minor Children
  • How to Ensure the Right Persons Get Custody of Your Minor Children at Your Death
  • The Importance of Planning for Your Incapacity Should You Get an “Aging Disease” like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or Dementia
  • How to Plan for Children with Special Needs or Irresponsible Children
  • And Much More!

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Law Office of Harvey L. Cox.

Call For Your Free 1 Hour
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